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Binocular Service, Sales, Repair and Restoration

We Service & Repair all Modern Binoculars & Spotting scopes. Specializing in Vintage Optical instruments of all ages including Hunting, Audubon, Fishing, Law Enforcement, Military, FAA, Border Patrol, Highway Patrol, and Recreational Binoculars & Spotting scopes.

Our Services

Spotting Scope & Binocular Repair Service Options

General Scope & Binocular Repair Service:

Basic Collimation:
– External alignment of the barrel/internal optics.

Internal prism reset collimation:
– Minor internal rebuild service.

Inspections and regular upkeep maintenance upon professional evaluation.


Modern internal rebuild, cleaning, and collimation. Like brand new internally!

Full Vintage restoration:

Complete rebuild, polish, reskin, and repaint. We will bring new life to priceless relics of history and nostalgia. Got a family heirloom? We can bring almost anything back to brand new condition.

Extensive Repairs:

Water damage, broken mechanics, and part fabrication.

Custom Service:

Special fabrication, modifications, and custom waterproofing* are available for certain applications.
* Contact us for a consultation.

Docter Nobilem 15x60B Binocular

Our Brands

We Service All Brands And Types, New And Old!
Superior scope and binocular repair service

About Us

We Have The Ability To Do What Others Can't And Won't Do

To provide the highest quality service to the optics world. We strive for excellence when it comes to repairing, restoring, and servicing all Brands & Models of binoculars scopes of all ages.

We are internationally known for the highest quality work in vintage military optics. From WW1 & WW2 to modern high-end optics of all types, we do what others can’t and won’t do. Customer service is our main focus, and quality over quantity is our reputation when it comes to scope & binocular repair service

Family owned business with over 35 yrs of experience

We can service or repair any make or model, new or old!