Our Services

Scope and Binocular Repair Services

General service:

Basic Collimation:
– External alignment of the barrel/internal optics.

Internal prism reset collimation:
– Minor internal rebuild service.

Inspections and regular upkeep maintenance upon professional evaluation.


Modern internal rebuild, cleaning, and collimation. Like Brand new internally!

Full Vintage restoration:

Complete rebuild, polish, reskin, and repaint. We will bring new life to priceless relics of history and nostalgia. Got a family heirloom? We can bring almost anything back to brand new condition.

Extensive Repairs:

Water damage, broken mechanics, and part fabrication.

Custom Service:

Special Fabrication, modifications, and custom waterproofing* are available for certain applications.
* Contact us for a consultation.

Fields of expertise

Scope and Binocular Repair Services

The complex alignment of prisms and lenses within the binoculars is critical. We meticulously do this to produce the best image possible. 


We can restore all Civilian and Military binoculars & scopes, including vintage optics from WWI & WWII.


We will disassemble, and thoroughly clean/polish all prisms and lenses. Address all mechanical issues. Reassemble and collimate.

Superior Scope & Binocular Service

We professionally inspect, clean, make small repairs as well as check for any collimation issues to ensure the best performance.


We have been a trusted source for repair, extensive service, and restoraion of vintage binoculars, rare scopes as well as other niche optics since 1986.


Custom waterproofing is available for certain applications. Waterproofing is a case-by-case service, please call for consultation.

Our brands

We Service All Brands And Types, New And Old!


Scope and binocular repair service answers
Is there anything specific i should be sure to do before shipping my binoculars/scope in for repair/service?

-No straps or case/box
just the basic scope w/ eyepiece.


-Please include a note with these 3 points of info included in the box:


1-Full name
3-return address


Please tape or rubber band note around the scope or binocular and bubble wrap it w/ 6″-7″ of solid bubble wrap to ensure they arrive in the same condition they left your possession.


Once they arrive here, they will be put in line for service. It generally takes 7-10 days before we will contact you.

How much will my binocular repair service cost?

Our prices are based on individual evaluation and possible service options.
We speak with each customer in-depth about what we can provide for them as well as any information regarding age, technical specs, worth, rarity, and sometimes a brief history of the object.

How long will my Scope/binocular repair service take?

Typical service times can vary between 3-6 weeks depending on seasonal and type of service needed. Parts availability may delay some repairs.

Is there a warranty on the Scope/binocular repair service provided?

We have limited warranties based on each circumstance and services rendered. Some situations may not be eligible.

What service do you use to ship repairs?
We ship UPS mainly, occasionally USPS if there is a PO box for return address to customer.
Once I ship my binoculars/scope, what can i expect to happen next?

We will contact you 7-10 days after your package arrives and at that point, we will call to speak about what we will be doing and what you can expect.

When will my binoculars/Scope ship once it's repaired?

We ship out once a week in batches.

What should I do if I have more questions?
For any other questions feel free to call: 406-857-2354